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About Us

Hey, You! Have you heard how Artificial Intelligence is transforming marketing?

Wouldn't you add more value by a cost-effective way of finding out more?

Would you like your questions answered and tangible results delivered?

Would you like help in creating impactful marketing?

You should contact the Marketing People Network.


The Marketing People Network

We provide mentored marketing support to help you

We are a membership network of entrepreneurs and independent sales and marketing consultants who share advice and training on all the latest aspects of sales and marketing strategy for a single monthly fee. 

Through PORTAL we will provide you with support and advice at your request and create content for you. 

We will show you how to use free and low-cost tools to automate lead generation. 

We help you to: 

  1. Create your marketing message 
  2. Identify your market 
  3. Locate your prospects 
  4. Build your Leads Funnel 
  5. Make sales with the minimum of effort

Join us and will teach you modern marketing methods. 

Create an engaging message, Identify your market, Locate your prospects, Automate your marketing, Make sales with minimum effort.

You can even sign up for an online MBA! 

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What we’re offering

Services we’re providing to our members.

We provide you with access to Portal , our mentored sales and marketing support service.
We show you how to use marketing automation software.
We provide access to online training with course materials.